Harsh/digital/analog noise fest!

The very start is rather unusual. Underground’s underground. The NOISE festival. Not as festive as someone would expect from a regular festival, but there is no mistake in calling it that way.

My best friend and I were hungry so we bought a bottle of cheap wine in order to adequately prepare for the upcoming gig. You just can’t stomach this kind of music if you’re empty inside. Very few people even know about this genre and even fewer actually listen to it. We had a hard time finding this musical crime scene called Suburbia. We knew that it is located somewhere in chinatown (although it’s not really a chinatown, people here just call it that way, never knew the reason why), in the periphery of Novi Sad, near the Danube. Such a dark and lonesome neighborhood, filled with some industrial buildings and the feeling of abandonment.

While we were entering the room, the grinding had already been started. Not many people were in this lovely hole painted in half light. Can’t recall many things about the place (since I was drunk and too busy enjoying the sound) connected to its esthetics – just a typical messy place (it has a bar!) for not very popular gigs, fogged in cigarette smoke. So, the first thing we spotted were some big, old, red sofas, and before you know it we already occupied one, big enough for the both of us. Dronish sounds were smearing my mind all over the place.

The first performer was the Dichotomy Engine. Unlike other two performers, he had an electric guitar next to a pedal set; what may be interesting about it is that he was playing his pedals more than he was playing his guitar. This performance was short-lived, or at least it seemed so to my dimmed perception. What’s typical for all three of the performers is that they were excessively devoted to their work. They seemed isolated from the rest of us, absolutely free and with no fake attitude or showing-off. Get on the stage, do your magic and humbly allow the other performers to present us their work.


A various set of strange emotions course through your mind and let you experience the beauty of melancholy. Something is certain to happen and this music is an excellent way to cope and learn to live with it.

Not very sure about how the other two bands call themselves since Dichotomy Engine wasn’t even listed on the line-up (so much for the organization). Nevertheless, sounds they made weren’t any less mesmerizing than those of Dichotomy Engine.


A strange trio. Obscurity of their sounds is sure to make you question your own existence even further than you eventually did on your own, embrace the problem and provide you with a vague answer in the form of noise. A satisfying answer unveils itself only for the duration of the performance. Intensive screams filtered through their equipment enhance the whole impression and make the satisfaction even greater.


Not very different from his colleagues but still making a unique sound, the third performer – the Paranoiz (according to the inscription on his extensive cord) set his sail into the sea of distorted frequencies last.


A rather mystical and mesmerizing combination of noises flowing through the air we share in that room. New things can be found in it, perhaps a dark tranquillity or an alternative meditation which helps you get away from the everyday things and guides you on the way to your inner self. A music just to close your eyes and lose yourself in the vast realm of overlapping paranoises.


Something new. Something different. Something interesting.

Something I live for.

A night spent in a not so pompous way.


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