Experimental and Drone night

This gig is definitely much different from the previous one, but still similar to it in obscurity and weirdness. Supposedly, three performers were to play that night, but one of them hadn’t brought his (one-man band) passport with him, so he was kept at the border. No matter, the evening was great and worthwhile experience anyway.

This time the magic took place at CK13, probably my favorite place of all places in Novi Sad, an epicenter of underground musical events in this city. An interesting thing about this place is that its facility is completely painted in black, as its name means: Black House 13. So, I got there all alone and sober; not so lost and excited as I was the last time, but rather calm and a bit bored. Had previously gotten some camera from my friend in order to take pictures of the bands, but later it turned out it was dysfunctional… Oh, snap! Therefore, I had to rely just on my friend’s smartphone and I kinda like the way those pictures look; guess I’ll be using it every time from now on.

CK13 is a very pleasant place to be. There are many ways you can enjoy yourself there, for example, you can relax and listen to the music inside or you can just chill out in the yard which is filled with many lovely benches. Meanwhile, you can enjoy in one of many different drinks this place has to offer (Coca-Cola free zone!). The place is not roomy enough for bigger crowds, but it suits my likings and it is able to host around 100 people tops (talking about the inside), but if some more popular band hosts the event, many people are forced to remain in the yard. When you enter the room you can find the bar at your right side, and if you proceed further right you’ll find yourself on a mini-stage, just ready to host some awesome bands. The ambiance is darkish and lights are dim which is perfect for the best possible experience.5

Not many people were present when the first band began to weave their musical threads into our minds. Ex You is their name and the “ex” probably stands for “experimental”. There were three guys, one of them was playing the electric guitar, the second one was playing electronics from his laptop and what is the most interesting, that the third guy, the drummer, was fronting the band.1

They began slowly, but also courageously, playing samples containing strong anti-capitalist messages; first, they were followed by one another and later on the messages began overlapping each other, creating a mesmerizing mix that makes you feel like you’re floating among the words that are being spoken. After a while, rest of the instruments joined the fun making a strange and a unique sound, seemingly disoriented and random but still a sound that makes sense in some unusual way. Drum beats were fast and all over the ceiling, followed by the playful guitar noises and some interesting, ambient sounds coming from the machine. This kind of playing continued until the end, followed by frequent ups and downs in tempo and intensity. And there they were, after only around 20-30 minutes they just stopped, packed their instruments and left the stage like they were in a hurry.

After a brief break, Drone, Drugs N’ Harmony climbed up on the stage. Three young men and a whole bunch of beep-boops.2

That’s a lot of equipment, isn’t it? Anyhow, the boys were gre… petition, repetition, repetition… Pure electronic sound. Slow, but heavy bass beats, here and there followed by some interesting electronic beeping. Guess they chose to extend their performance since the third performer didn’t show up, leaving them more time to play. Beats going on, and on and into the never-ending loop of dizziness combined with interesting melodies and sounds, lasting for more than an hour, maybe even two. Extremely good stuff for those times when the only thing you want to do is nothing.

Gigs like these are far from sensational, and they were never, and hopefully will never be meant to be like that, but they are also far from the public attention they deserve. They might be happening just around the corner, and you, who would’ve probably liked it, would’ve never suspected that there was something. Give us a visit sometimes, I assure you it won’t hurt.


One thought on “Experimental and Drone night

  1. ddnh loved novi sad! ❤
    the local people were very kind and the sound system was beyond the expected.
    it was our a pleasure to play @ ck13!
    (we never heard us so clearly ever before! :D)
    highly recommended place! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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