Striving into the depths of underground music I found myself surrounded by a variety of many different and interesting bands. Many years have passed since the first gig I attended, all alone, out of a sole passion for music exploration. The eagerness is still not yielding from me, on the contrary, it only grows bigger and bigger.

I was thinking, and I realized how messy are my recollections of those magical music nights I lived through so vigorously. Therefore, I decided to collide two of my greatest affinities: music and writing. This is going to be a little piece of my resort where I’ll be engraving my memories in its walls.

Many amazing bands from Serbia inspired me to scratch beneath the surface and explore that vast space of its vivid underground music scene, not very well hidden but still hardly reachable for many people. A mission of this blog is to help people recognize the quality in the underground, take at least a little more interest in it and hopefully manage to pierce through that veil of ignorance and prejudice.

So, the stories I tell here are about underground gigs I attend and everything related to them, including the bands that played, atmosphere, people, and some of my personal impressions permeated in between the lines. Most of the bands appearing in these stories will probably be from Serbia, but if I find myself at some gig that’s beyond my country’s borders I surely won’t hesitate to write about it.

The band at the top of this page is one of my favorites, if not the favorite. They call themselves Obscure Sphinx. I won’t be talking about them because it seems like if I say anything it just won’t be good enough to describe them properly, so I’ll just leave that to you – do check them out.

This might not be of some greater importance to the world, but it surely is to me, so, if you happen to like it then you’ll make me feel a bit happier about it.